Tuesday, November 15, 2011


family by Stacie_919
family, a photo by Stacie_919 on Flickr.


More to come........


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Weeks!

31 weeks and I think my back may be broken! This belly is getting BIG!!! Baby B has decided that stretching out underneath my ribs is the perfect place to spend his final weeks in utero. And, last Thursday at our ultrasound, we got to see Baby A's cute little butt cheeks hanging out and sitting on my bladder. :)


Baby A: 3 lbs 7 oz
Baby B: 3 lbs 14 oz

I smile every morning when they start their little routines of  kicking, rolling, and shifting positions in there. But, I'm looking forward to the new routines we'll get accustomed to like crying, cooing and watching as they adjusting to their new little lives out in the real world.  I now spend my days wondering what they will look like, how their personalities will be and what their little cute cries will sound like for the first time when they're first born.  It's starting to become more real that we'll be parents in a few short weeks!! :)

I was a tad dilated at my last checkup, so I am now supposed to watch out for labor signs and hope that we go just a little bit longer! We're hoping 3-4 weeks so they can fatten up some more in there! We'll do a growth check up next Thurs, 10/27. Hoping they'll have put on another half to three quarters of a pound these past two weeks!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

28, 29, and 30!

You'd think being on bedrest would provide me with lots of motivation to keep my blog updated...... Not the case, clearly! I've officially been on bedrest for 3 weeks and it seems like 3 years!! We've had a few visits to the doctor's office to check on some aches and pains over the past few weeks.  The first trip was up to the Antenatal wing to administer steroids for the boys lungs.  This was precautionary as I was showing some signs of potentially going into pre-term labor.  The other visit was for random muscle pains, which I thought was labor. Hurt like nothing I've ever experienced!!!! Since then, things have been pretty uneventful and quiet.

The boys are looking great and as they get bigger, so do their kicks!! :)  They weigh roughly 3 pounds each now! Hoping that they'll weigh 3.5 next week although I keep reading that their weight gain isn't as rapid towards the end.  Last week they were measuring at "average" size, between the 48th and 55th percentile, which is great! Today marked 30 weeks and our doctors are pushing for us to get to our first milestone of 32 weeks.  Each day after that is great, but we really need to try and get to October 20th, at a minimum.  I've been pretty good about the bedrest because I know how crucial it is for us to get to 32.  They'd definitely be fine should they come earlier, but each day they stay in and bake really counts. I read that each day in utero is 3 days less in the hospital should they come early. I don't know at what point that theory applies, but I'm keeping it in the back of my head and willing these little men to hang tight!

Last Sunday, Kev's family threw me a surprise baby shower and we got a bunch of great stuff! It was so nice to get out and see everyone and we felt beyond blessed to have so many people there showering our little boys with love and gifts! A special thank you to my Mother-in-law, Patty and my Sister-in-Laws, Julie and Kristen! You three did a fabulous job and it was so appreciated! I love you all! :)

Also, Mr. Mom, as I like to call him these days, has really stepped it up and taken care of anything I've needed, done all the cooking, cleaning, etc. Love you, Kev!! :)

Continue to think positive thoughts for us all, we'll take all we can get :)

Here are our weekly pictures from weeks 28-30, I wasn't wearing makeup during week 28, that's why I look like the headless horseman! :)

(Excuse the vacuum)
30 Weeks

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nursery Update

Kev finished up the nursery painting and trim this week and it looks SO good. I'm so proud of what a handyman he is!! Now we just need the furniture, some decor and two sweet little boys to make their room complete!!
Personal 014

Thursday, September 15, 2011

27 Weeks and some news.....

Today marked 27 weeks and the beginning of the third trimester! It also marked Day 1 of bedrest ( waah, waaaaah!) This morning, at our appointment, I was told that for the next week, I need to act like each day is "a lazy Sunday." Which means no working, exercise, cleaning, cooking, running around, etc.... I was kind of bummed that it's happened this soon, even though it's just "modified" bedrest and precautionary.  I was hoping to make it to at least 30 weeks without having restrictions. Oh well, whatever is best for the boys!

Work has been great about this recent development, I'll work from home this first week then we'll reevaluate after our next appointment on 9/22.  You don't hear of too many cases where bedrest is lifted, but I'm hopeful! My mom sent me a list of "helpful tips" while on bedrest so you don't go stir crazy!! I'll definitely be referring to it!

The good thing about our appointment is that both boys look GREAT! Healthy little heartbeats in the 150's and they were moving around a ton! They're in the same position as our last appointment with Baby A breech and Baby B vertex (head down) Explains why my ribs and bladder are still being used as punching bags! :) 

Baby A weighs 2 lbs 6 ox and Baby B weighs 2 lbs 7 oz. So, Baby A has almost caught up to his brother now!  They put on a total of 1 lb 2 oz in 2 weeks, which is great!! I just hope they continue to fatten up in there at this rapid rate!!   We got to see one of our little guys sucking on his fist/thumb, it was so cute!! Here are pictures from today.  Please keep all 3 of us in your thoughts and prayers. We need these little guys to cook a while longer!!


A's Cute little arm!

B's sweet little face :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nursery: Before Pictures

So, these aren't overly exciting but you can see there's a LOT of work to be done!! We replaced almost all of the trim upstairs over the past few years, but this room was neglected. Mainly because I used it as my walk-in closet and there was stuff everywhere! Now it's all cleaned out and ready for Kev to get going. Over the past few weeks, he's prepped the room filling in nail holes, ripping out old woodwork, etc.   Last weekend he painted the room a tealish blue and tan to match our crib bedding, seen here...

Today, he and our brother-in-law, Jason, are installing the white chair rail and trim.  I think it's going to look really good when it all comes together! Our furniture probably won't be delivered until October, maybe even November. So, getting everything else done now is key. Especially while I'm still pretty mobile and can pick things out and decorate.

More pictures and updates to come as the room progresses!!
Personal 013
Itty bitty closet!
Personal 012
Corner where our chair will go...
Personal 008
Yankees Suck :)

26 Weeks!

At the end of this week, I'll officially be into the third trimester, YAY!! Now that Fall is arriving, I know I'm in the home stretch. I've always wanted to be pregnant during this time of year, you can't beat Fall In New England, that's for sure!!

College and NFL football are back, the Sox are making their run for the post season and who could forget "all things pumpkin?" I'm talking lattes, muffins, delicious Shipyard Pumpkin Ale (that I can't yet enjoy!)  I was watching College Gameday this morning and was such a proud Coug when I spotted 4, yes 4 Coug flags and only one dinky Husky flag. :)  Brought a smile to my face! There's nothing like being a Coug fan!! I was telling Kev that next year, we're going to Pullman. I don't care when or how, but, we're going!! We've been together 7 years and I still haven't managed to get him there! 2012 IS the year!!!

Okay, enough love for my Cougs..... Kev started the nursery last weekend! The "before" pictures to come!! Speaking of pictures, we're doing maternity / family pictures with the pups first week of October. Hoping to have lots of beautiful foliage as a backdrop!